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A Mermaid's Tale, Evermore Beyond the Sea

A Mermaid's Tale, Evermore Beyond the Sea is available for purchase now.
Who doesn't love mermaids? A Mermaid's Tale is a beautifully illustrated enchanting story of a young girl's encounter with magic and adventure. It's designed to capture the imagination and encourage children to follow their curiosities and dreams.

As Evermore finds herself journeying in an ever expanding universe of worlds, she meets fanciful creatures and new experiences with a sense of joy and wonder that leads to self-discovery.

Join Evermore and her new found friends in a world of worlds where anything is possible.

Written by Diane Light and Illustrated by Kim Jolly.

© Copyright 2013 by Diane R. Light


About the Illustrator, Kim Jolly

Art, design and creativity have always been passions of mine - ever since I was a little girl. I couldn't think of anything more that I would rather do than to spend hours drawing. However, as I got older and other interests came and went, drawing slowly slipped out of my life until I just didn't do it all anymore. As a professional, I used my drawing/art sensibilities for graphic design purposes - logos, websites, murals, etc. Just recently, I picked up the pencil and paper and began to draw again. This time for a specific purpose - children's picture books. I love being able to create illustrations that actually stand on their own and tell the story all by themselves. I am constantly scouring a variety of resources - books, art classes, videos, social networking sites - to learn more and develop my true style and am always inspired by the imagination and creativity of children.

Check out more of Kim's work at:
Website - www.kimjolly.com
Blog - kimjollyillustration.wordpress.com/blog/
Twitter Page - twitter.com/@kimajolly